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Formal meeting - 9th June 2010

  • Chair: Harsh/Younus, Minutes: Rachel, Computer: Jannetta

Roll call

  • Phil, Steve, Richard absent
  • Da and Alan present

Action point

  • Add pages for each of the research page
  • Younus / Janetta – working on layout wiki pages
  • Harsh - Internal wiki important stuff page
  • Adding tutorial page to (internal)
  • List of Material (internal) – website link
  • Rules for genes proteins – Younus
  • Glossary
  • Genes and proteins
  • Email TJ website inspiration
  • Call and text- calls between 5pm and 11pm, SMS before 5pm
  • BS facts page
  • End of Crack and signalling – density oxygen gradient quorum sensing
  • Linear DNA – timing a sequence of events
  • Chernobyl – nuclear accident concrete sealed – cracks need repair SAVE THE BABIES FACTOR!!
  • Informal meeting: Friday 11th, 3 p.m. at Walton library
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