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Formal meeting - 26th March 2010

  • Room: CBCB; Start: 11 am
  • Chair: Jannetta, Minutes: Rachel, Computer: Harsh
  • Present: Jen, Janetta, Neil, Steven,Younus, Da, Alan, Richard, Harsh
  • Apologies: Phil (Holiday), Jem and Matt
  • Approval of agenda and minutes - Approved

4. Research Feedback

Properties of concrete and surface tension (Zoltan and Steven)

  • High compressive strength low tensile strength
  • Steal added good for temp change
  • CaCO3 – similar to concrete; expand same as concrete... might crack like concrete
  • Spider silk like steal- reduce possibility of cracking
  • Glue- no many papers- expansion may not be a problem?
  • Silk alkali resistant
  • Capillary properties of concrete change over time- in project we consider small rapid
  • Cement water ratio and surface area and environment
  • Where to look for the cracks? Crack pattern

Microinjection (Zoltan and Steven)

  • Simple issue
  • Not correct term
  • Swimming Bacillus
  • Oxygen gradient big selling points

Genetics Homologous recombination plasmid chromosome (Harsh and Rachel)

  • Test in plasmids- Find good plasmid
  • Integrate into genome 
  • Recombination site... Find!!!
  • amyE site amylase with insert can’t break down amylase

Nutrients (Harsh and Rachel)

  • Bacteria algae growth living in concrete
  • Only activate feed bacillus
  • Two hybrid
  • Biofilms exclude other not algae
  • Antifungals, antialgaes, antibiotic

Sporulation, germination and secretion control (Alan and Da)

  • SpoA – last years team sporulation control, maybe turn off completely
  • Nutrient availability
  • KinA
  • Inducible promoter
  • Glue out of bug

Quorum sensing (Younus and Phil)

  • CompX and cff
  • Two-component system comP

Kill switch (Richard and Jannetta)

  • Why ? Don’t want?- not die after job fill new cracks
  • Nuclease
  • Phil masEF
  • Skf SbB
  • If linear DNA works

Glue, CaCo3 and spider silk (Zoltan and Jannetta)

  • Bacteria that produce CaCo3 from urea
  • How secrete spider silk long complex proteins – how can we make it happen in bacillus
  • Secretion systems

Other points

  • Linear DNA – Richard

Justifications of Linear Build it up the use. Mutations- How stop general questions Not specifically a problem – keep thinking about it though

Action points

  • All - Read Voygt paper
  • All - Next week working off the proper wiki
  • Janetta contact details doc in drop box
  • Janetta and Richard – Flow chart!!!
  • Reminder to neil and jen not welcome trust funding by 2nd of April?
  • Janetta- T-shirt sponsors and logo – embroidered / print mixed – 5 or 6 sponsors design your own- printing cheaper , quotes dependent on design
  • Jannetta- send us links for graphic design software- please
  • Transfer the wiki
  • Individual iGEM applications - Phil hasn’t applied; Richard not accepted; Janetta text Phil
  • Jen/Neil - Pay for team!!
  • Visas/Passport update - Harsh will apply May/June; Richard needs to get a visa waiver

Wiki transfer

  • Clarify contents of identified pages
  • Ethics page
  • Research page
  • Safety page
  • Identify other pages required
  • Ideas for layout/theme
  • Zoltan Tidy it up-Urgent
  • Borrow last years / Look at anything thats nice
  • It evolves!!! We can change it!!! Now!!!!!!!

Travel plans

  • Flights and Accomodation
    • Need to sort out who is going


  • Harsh has made draft letter
  • Main chemical company – free stuff?

Advisors/additional team members - civil engineer/graphics designer

  • Still looking – Neil,Jen


  1. Sequentia and Clone manager - basics
  2. Modelling part two

What next?

  • Flow chart of what we’re going to do Big picture!!!
  • If its coloured life is easier
  • Cambridge brick - Colour
  • Web services for Biosynthetics, Flow chart
  • Taverner

Time line discussion

  • Need someone else on time line.
  • 16th of June Lab induction
  • Deadlines soon
  • Change flight deadline – not 31st

Other business

  • PDF mark up tools – PDF exchange viewer, foxit, keeps mark-up
  • Making dropbox use better

Items for next agenda

  • Need wiki transferred by next meeting
  • Review of flow chart if done

Next meeting

  • Thursday early as possible – email to organise
  • Chair: Da, Minutes: Alan, Computer: Younus