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Formal meeting 17 February 2010

  • Start time 4.00 p.m.
  • Attendance: Philip, Rachel, Zoltan, Harsh, Younus, Alan, Steven, Da, Jannetta, Richard, Neil, Jen

Summary of previous meeting

  • Finished with new ideas
  • NW has contacted Lindsay Marshal about Fine Art Graphics person. Waiting to hear back. Also has been contact with Elaine Martin about other team member.


  • Hard (visas) vs soft deadlines (more leeway)
  • See action points for Phil and Jannetta


Took longer than expected but Jannetta has by now published the results.

New ideas: Zoltan

  • DNA computing. Keywords: futuristic, threads, replicating bacteria, bacteria solving NP hard problems, e.g. Hamiltonian paths. Keep track of descendents: possibly using fillamentous bacteria.

Any other business

  • Don't want to take major decisions about project ideas without supervisor present as guiders
  • Won't be creating DNA sequences by April
  • Don't talk over people in meetings
  • Day before meeting - circulate agenda, previous action points and minutes.
  • Start of meeting: revisit minutes - does anyone have any problems with previous minutes? People report on progress on action points.
  • Next meeting on Friday at 4.10 p.m.

Action points

  • NW and JH: register the team
  • NW and JG: look at funding (formally). Contact Pete Lee.
  • Jannetta: merge standing agenda into agenda. Format: Agenda section at top (funding, timeline, modelling, tutorials needed, advisors, travel plans, visas.
  • Jannetta: put brainstorm ideas onto a spreadsheet with tallied columns etc.
  • Phil: put specific dates on timeline. Add: get letter from university for visas
  • Jannetta and Phil: to create a summary of timeline as an Excel document in format similar to Ncl 2009 iGEM team website.
  • Jannetta and Phil: create an Excel spreadsheet with dates showing the things we need to do to get Gold (start/finish dates, hard/soft deadlines, what needs to be done for Gold, for Silver, for Bronze)
  • All: check whether you need visas
  • Richard/Jannetta: Put put individual deadlines including when date to choose project by. Also need to arrange meeting between us, JH and AW.
  • Need to reschedule tutorials until after we have decided on our final project idea (priority)