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Gel electrophoresis

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  1. 50X TAE buffer
    • Make up 1 liter of 50X TAE buffer with the following:
    • 242g of TRIS base
    • 57.1 ml of acetic acid
    • 100 ml of 0.5 M of EDTA (pH 8.0)
    • Top up to 1 liter with water
  2. SafeView
  3. Agarose
  4. DNA ladder
  5. Eppendorf
  6. Gel making tank
  7. Gel running tank


  1. Make up 1% agarose gel (1 g of agarose per 100 ml of TAE buffer) and using the microwave to dissolve the agarose.
  2. Allow the molten agarose to cool down before adding 5 μl of Safeview dye.
  3. Set up the gel tray containing the gel comb and transfer 60 ml of molten agarose gel into the gel tray (take care not to cover the gel comb).
  4. Wait for 30 min to allow the gel to harden.
  5. Transfer harden gel into the gel tank and add TAE buffer until the gel is completely submerged.
  6. Depending on the nature of the sample, 3 μl of GeneRuler™ 1 kb Plus DNA Ladder is used for analysing DNA.
  7. Loading buffer is then added together with the sample before loading onto the gel matrix.
  8. Run gel at 90V until the desired separation is achieved and visualize using the gelDoc.

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