Team:Newcastle/DNA re-hydration


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This protocol is used for re-hydration of DNA. We used this mainly for our newly arrived primers. (Link)

Materials required

  • Oligonucleotide Specification Sheet
  • OD 260 values
  • Quantity of DNA bases
  • Pure Lab Distilled Water
  • Calculator (!)


  1. To begin, read the Oligonucleotide Specification Sheet to find the OD 260 values and Quantity of DNA bases for each primer/DNA
  2. Once those values are found, divide the (OD 260 value) by (Quantity of DNA bases x10).
  3. Multiple the result by 1000
  4. Divide 10 by the previous result, and multiple all by 100: the end result is the volume of primer/DNA in microlitres.
  5. Add Pure Lab Distilled Water to make the solution up to 100 microlitres in total.

NOTE: Extra care must be taken when following this protocol, i.e. there must be NO contamination.