Team:Newcastle/Agendas/1 February 2010


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Start Time: 5 p.m.



  1. Brief updates on new project ideas
  2. Discussion of timeline
  3. Questions on the use of wiki
  4. Update on the current status regarding sorting out of past years projects
  5. Discussion of meeting times
  6. Any other business


Philip, Rachel, Zoltan, Harsh, Younus, Alan, Steven (Came in at 5.12 p.m.), Da, Jannetta and Richard

Wiki Updates

  1. Put dotproject URL in the timeline section (done!!)

Idea Brainstorming

  • Jannetta: Head lice killing. Lice live in association with a bacteria which makes minerals for the lice and lives in a symbiotic association with it. Make a bacteria which can stop this association.
  • Richard:
  1. Getting external DNA into the spore and it will remain in pure state. You can also do PCR analysis after DNA extraction.
  2. Use the bacteria to control growth of other organisms
  3. Use bacteria to put out toxins from the batch media
  4. Fluorosence used to detect weak signals at the crime scenes
  • Younus: Spores with antigen coating for a parasite and inject them in the body to make an immune response against it and thus making body immunized against that parasite.
  • Harsh and Rachel: Use of bacteria in cystic fibrosis. Make bacteria which can stop quorum sensing of Pseudomonas aerogenosa which leads to biofilm production and also make them release DNAse enzyme to degrade dead WBC in the mucuos and thus liquify it a little.
  • Philip: Put uranium in water and water gets radioactive due to hydrogen getting radioactive. You can sequester radioactive hydrogen atoms and thus can seperate radioactive water from normal water. But its tough to seperate small elements in nature!!!
  • Da: Using quorum sensing molecule (competence and sporulation factor). It activates key regulatory factors like MAPK etc. They are also activated during stress. It also induces heat shock proteins. Transported through organic cation transporter. Thus it could act on apical membrane and could help in treatment of many diseases.
  • Zoltan: We use timer to activate certain proteins at a time. Every single process is timed. Repressilator!!
  • Rachel: Bacco Natto! Increase the taste and smell along with the nutrition content of the bacteria and you can eat them and you can eradicate malnutrition problem.

Timeline (PRIORITY)

  • The link is created and updated by Philip on the main page.
  • Philip is finalising/changing important dates on timeline.

Action Points

  • Create and update link on the main page for when we are going to be on holiday/absent.
  • Make 5 categories of the project topics - Steven
  • Make your idea as a page link and put it under the appropriate categories developed by Steven - Everyone
  • Data mining by 2nd February - Zoltan
  • Send the list of data mining done by far to Zoltan by 2nd February 12pm - Everyone
  • Put your personal details on your personal page - Everyone

Other Businesses

  • Lecture on Modelling - Neil and Jen
  • Informal meeting: Friday, 5th February, 4.10 p.m.
  • Dotproject created by Jannetta