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Chromosomal prep


To test whether the chromosome extraction from Bacillus subtilis ATCC6633 was successful.

Materials and Procedure

Please refer to: PCR and Gel electrophoresis for materials and protocol. We used ara and sac forward and reverse primers for amplification.


We used Gel Electrophoresis to test whether we have the DNA we wanted. As we already know, the ara gene is about 300bps. We used 100 bp DNA ladder as a guidance for our bands. The two bands produced were from two separate ara cultures and they indeed show the bands in the same region, i.e. 300bps.

Newcastle Genomic extraction.jpg

  • Lane 1: 100 bp DNA ladder
  • Lane 2: Chromosomal DNA with ara gene 1
  • Lane 3: Chromosomal DNA with ara gene 2


The aim of this whole experiment was to extract genomic DNA from Bacillus subtilis ATCC 6633. In order to test whether we had extracted the DNA, we first used PCR to amplify and then used Gel Electrophoresis to compare the bands of ara genes to the 100 bp ladder. It worked!

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