Team:Newcastle/1st April 2010


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Minutes for formal meeting 1st April 2010
* Room: CBCB; Start: 4 pm
* Chair: Da, Minutes: Alan, Computer: Younus
1. Roll call and apologies
Jen, Janetta, Steven, Younus, Da, Alan, Richard, Rachel, Jem, Matt
Phil, Harsh and Zoltan – Holiday
Apologies - Neil
2. Approval of agenda and minutes
3. Brief summary of previous meeting
4. Research Feedback
1. Nutrient

Using a glucose and starch concentration gradient. Uses the catabolic repression system to allow glue production. Have to test and find suitable starch and chemoattractant!!!!!!!!

2. Sporulation, germination and secretion control

AbrB gene maybe a suitable gene to repress sporulation by overexpressing it. Can also activate antimicrobial peptides like TasA. Immune the concrete from future attack by concrete destroying bacteria? Need to find what other genes that are involve in the pathway of AbrB.

3. Quorum Sensing

Number of competence cells not an issue. Sin operone to control a lot of pathway.

4. Other points

A. FtsZ knockout to allow filamentous growth, thereby forming a mesh with glue either secreted out or remains in the cells until lysis. B. Is spider silk able to resist the alkali conditions? C. Is it possible to produce spider silk in Bacillus?

5. Voigt paper feedback

Salmonella to secrete spider silk contained in SPI through T3SS. SPI to contain ADF1, ADF2 and ADF3 genes. Does Bacillus have a T3SS? Can we allow proteins to fold in the cells then induce lysis? To check out Bacillus secretion system.

6. Visa/Passport update

Harsh to apply on May, June period

7. Travel plans

Too early to book flights and hotels. May have other members joining.

8. Tutorial

Next tutorial to be on the week after

9. Flow Chart

Media:Flowchart_overview-1-.ppt‎ A. Need to be more in depth. ie. The problems, what the bacteria need to do to achieve the goal and the genes that are needed and why. B. Another flow chart to show the different stituation and how the bacteria response to it.

10. Sponser on T-shirt (Janetta)

To contact sponser next week

11. Other business

A. Foxit not working

12. Action points

1. To draft email to Colin and Chris and show it to instructors first(everyone) 2. To continue to develop flow chart(everyone) 3. Tutorial on Wiki

14. Next meeting 11am on 070410 for informal meeting in Walton library and 3pm on 070410 for formal meeting in CBCB
        1. Chair-Richard 
        2. Minutes-Racheal
        3. Computer-Jenetta