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Fundraising and Sponsorships

In order for the Nevada iGEM team to complete the necessary Bio Bricks for competition, a large source of financial capital was needed. It is a result of the generosity of Nevada INBRE that a majority of the tools and equipment (including, but not limited to, oligonucleotides, plasmids, cell lines, enzymes, and buffers) were met in a timely manner. However, funding was also needed to pay for the necessary expenses of travel, lodgings, and meals for a team of 10 individuals to the Jamboree in Boston, MA. It was out of a desperation that the iGEM team turned to the Reno community for help and support. Through cooperative efforts and local generosity, the Nevada team hosted a series of bar crawls, drink specials, ice cream socials, and concerts in and around the downtown Reno community. Through the selection of strategic locations and dates during summer and fall, these fundraising efforts helped attract business to the local economy and spark the interest of young scientists in and around the University community. The feedback and support was overwhelmingly positive. The events were successful in not only raising money, but also raising awareness about synthetic biology and the University of Nevada’s growing biotechnology research. Thanks to the community’s efforts, the Nevada team was able to raise over $6,000! In a state devastated by high unemployment and low revenue from tourism, the support and generosity that was received was incredible. It is thanks to the efforts of local entrepreneurs in the community’s entertainment district and university students that allowed the team to raise the necessary money to help alleviate the costs of travel.

We would like to thank the following sponsors for their support in helping us make this project possible. Much thanks to the Departments of Biochemistry and Biotechnology and the College of Agriculture, Biotechnology and Natural Resources for their encouragement and support. Thank you Nevada INBRE for over $6,000 in support for supplies and registration costs. Thank you to Associated Students of the Univeristy of Nevada for supporting our fund raising efforts. Thank you to Promega Co. for free enzyme donations. Thank you to Invitrogen Co. for a discount on our Vector NTI program.

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