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NT Cell Transformation Results

Plated NT Cells Immediately after Transformation

RD29A+RFP Transformed NT Cells after about 3 weeks of growth: The NT Cells shown above were transformed with RD29A+RFP, a composite part in which the RD29A promoter is turned on due to external stimuli such as cold, drought or salinity. When the RD29A promoter is turned "on" it then turns on its reporter, in this case RFP. After about 3 weeks of NT cell growth, the transformed cells were "cold stressed" for about 3hrs in 4 degrees Celsius. The results shown indicate that when cold stressed, the transformed NT cells become fluorescent with RFP. Over the next few weeks we hope to see this signal grow stronger and test these NT cells' responsiveness to other stresses that induce the RD29A promoter.