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Finished_final.png DREB1C promoter Team:Nevada/registry submissions

The DREB1C iGEM promoter is derived from a transcription factor that is up-regulated by cold stress and down-regulated by circadian controls to prevent plant growth retardation due to the buildup of DREB1C (Dehydration Response Element Binding Protein) during the day (the cause of dwarfism). The promoter region for DREB1C begins just upstream of the translational start sequence (ATG) and contains 463 bp of the upstream sequence with six ADA independent, cis-acting elements for the up-regulation during cold stress and circadian controlled down-regulation.

The DREB1C iGEM promoter was isolated using custom primers directly from the Arabidopsis thaliana genome via PCR, blunt end Topo cloned, and then ligated to pSB1C3 using EcoR1 and Pst1 sites.

Kazuo Nakashima and Kazuko Yamaguchi-Shinozakia, Regulons involved in osmotic stress-responsive and cold stress-responsive gene expression in plants, Physiologia Plantarum 126: 62–71. 2006 Satoshi Kidokoro, Kyonoshin Maruyama, Kazuo Nakashima, Yoshiyuki Imura2, Yoshihiro Narusaka3, Zabta K. Shinwari4, Yuriko Osakabe, Yasunari Fujita, Junya Mizoi, Kazuo Shinozaki, and Kazuko Yamaguchi-Shinozaki, The Phytochrome-Interacting Factor PIF7 Negatively Regulates DREB1 Expression under Circadian Control in Arabidopsis, Plant Physiol. Vol. 151, 2009

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