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Composite Parts



RD29A – RFP: This composite is designed so that transformed plants will yield red fluorescent protein under cold, drought, or high soil salinity conditions. We were successful in developing cold-responsive red fluorescent NT cells in time for the jamboree. Please check out the Transformation Results.


35S – GFP: This composite is designed so that transformed plants will have constitutive expression of green fluorescent protein. Having this constant expression provides the basis to measure any other inducible fluorescent proteins’ fluorescence relative to an internal control.


DREB1C - EYFP: Although not developed in time for this year's iGEM competition. We had planned on developing a composite part that would respond specifically to cold response. This would provide a specific signal and not be as receptive to various stresses like RD29A. Under cold stress, this composite would express enhanced yellow fluorescent protein.

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