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Michigan Header


Using Lab Equipment

Obtaining Deionized Water in the ERB

ERB Spectrophotometer

Enigeering Research Building Autoclave

Epifluorescence Microscope Usage - H.H. Dow

Cell Culture

Making cultures from a -80°C freezer stock

Making frozen stocks

P. putida KT2440 antibotic resistance tolerance

Culturing CGSC Strains

OD600 Cell Dilution Protocol

Competent Cell Preparation for Quick Transformation of E. coli

DNA Manipulation

Direct Plating Transformation Protocol

  • Very simple protocol
  • Twice as efficient as standard heat shock

Transformation - heat shock

  • Getting parts from the 360 well registry plates
  • Competent cell preparation
  • Heat shock

Transformation - electroporation

  • Getting parts from the 360 well registry plates
  • Competent cell preparation
  • Electroporation

Electroporation Protocol 2

  • Adopted from Jeremy Minty's protocol
  • General protocol with specific instructions for ERB/Lin lab equipment

PCR Screening Protocol

  • Efficient protocol for screening transformants after a ligation



DNA Digest

Digest Reagents Calculator

Gel Electrophoresis

DNA Purification

Quick Ligation Protocol

Gel extraction

Updated T4 DNA Ligase Protocol (Not quick ligase)

Group-Specific Protocols

Oil Sands

Revised biofilm assay protocol

Alex's biofilm assay protocol

General primer design

Detailed primer design

Colony PCR protocol

NanR cloning

  • Updated Colony PCR Protocol

NA Extraction Protocol


FimB Ligation


Flocculation Protocol

Quorum Sensing

Logic Table

Lsr Circuit Test Protocols

General Outline for Biobrick Manipulations

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