Team:MIT mammalian Mechanosensation


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The Search for Mechanosensitive Promoters

We set out to find a mechnosensitive promoter, one capable of acting as a sensor of applied pressure in our final system. A literature search revealed
To begin, we searched the literature for well-characterized mechanosensitive promoters; we restricted our pool of candidates to promoters that had been shown, mostly by upregulation of a fluorescent marker, to be directly responsive to mechanical stress. The nature of the promoters varied. We included several short oligonucleotide sequences SRE/CRE2 and NR1/2, that had been shown to confer sensitivitiy to shear stress when placed in front of a ‘dummy’ SV40 promoter. Promoters for the genes PAI-2 and cfos were identified as mechanosensitive in the literature; we used portions of these promoters which were shown to be responsible for the mechanosensitivity.