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Measurement of Lysis Cassette

9/26 Wataru,Ken

After overnight pre-culture, dilute with supplemented M9 media as OD550 was 0.22, and measure OD550 every 30min. At the point of 30min, we add IPTG and continued to measure OD550. We used test tubes to cultivate E.coli. We cultivated E.coli in test tubes at 37 degreees.


Discussion We can observe the cell lysis and this result suggest that the timing of the start of cell lysis is depending on the concentration of IPTG.


Discussion When the concentration of IPTG is over 0.03mM, cell lysis occurs. We continued to incubate these cultures overnight.

9/27 Wataru Ken

All of the cultures was over 2.0 of OD550. We caouln't find out the cause of it.

10/4 Ken

3 We couln't observed the cell lysis.

10/8 Ken

4 In 1mM IPTG, the cell lysis surely occured, however, E.coli started to grow soony.

10/9 Ken

We considered that the cause of these unclear result was a degration of antibody. So we added kanamysin to be 100ug/ml and 50ug/ml and measured the difference.


As a result, the amount of kanamysin is not related.

10/10 Ken

We cultivated E.coli transformed with K350819, and extracted this plasmid, and id sequence analysis. As a result, R0011, a lactose promoter, had mutation as follows.

This is because K350819 is over 7000bp and easier to have turn over and λ lysis cassette is toxic. We dicided to cultivated E.coli 30 degrees.