Gold Medal


This year's iGEM Kyoto carried out two main activites. Frist, we created Lysisbox. In this process, we could characterize parts and create new modeling. Second ,we organized iGEM Japan. In this process, we could do various activities and interactions with other iGEM teams. These are very splendid things and satisfy Gold Medal criteria. The detail is below.



We characterized Plac (parts number <partinfo>BBa_R0011</partinfo>) by measuring RPU. RPU(Relative Promoter Unit) is the measure recommended by iGEM. This measurement will contribute to future iGEM. More information is described in Modeling.


We characterized Lysisbox (parts number <partinfo>BBa_K358020</partinfo> and <partinfo>BBa_K358024</partinfo>) by measuring cell population. We confirmed that by using this device we can control cell population by changing promoter. This cell-death device will contribute to future iGEM. More information is described in Project.

Help another iGEM team

iGEM Japan

We suggested to organize iGEM Japan. This organization aims at helping iGEM team in Japan and exchanging opinions, and comprises eight universities in Japan. More information is described in iGEM Japan.

Human Practice project

We suggested "Human Practice iGEM Japan" project to other iGEM teams in Japan. Five Universities (including Kyoto) participated in this project. By this project, we could research wider and more detailed. The detail is described below.

Summer meeting

We suggested iGEM Japan summer meeting, and hold it at Kyoto University. Then, iGEM Japan teams could exchange of profitable opinions.

Abstract translation

We suggested iGEM Japan to translate this year’s all abstract into Japanese. By doing so, we can easily decide which team to look in the Jamboree. This result is described in iGEM Japan.



We participated in writing the magazine with Tokyo-tech. By doing so, we contributed to add to iGEM's fame.


We responded to other iGEM teams' questionnaires.

New technical standard

Characterization of BioBrick Parts or Devices

We confirmed cell-death effect by new method. The information of this is described in Project.

Analysis, modeling, and simulation of BioBrick Parts or Devices

We created new modeling on Plac R0011.The information about this is described in Modeling.

Human Practice

We lead the project, and successfully we have gotten over 1500 answers! In this project, we drove an attitude survey on genetic engineering and biotechnology cooperating with one another. We attempted to recognize the current situation of Japanese public view ?, and we will take advantage of this result for future human practice activities. The result and consideration is described in Human Practice.