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    • We are students of '''KIT''-''Kyoto Institute of Technology''.
      Our University KIT is one of the National Universities located in Matsugasaki Kyoto, Japan. Kyoto is a very famous city of Japan. It had been Japanese capital for over millenium, and its history has built up its unique, traditional culture. KIT has ties with this traditional culture and industries in Kyoto and has been advancing knowledge in engineering, design, and textile science. By pursuing ‘human-friendly practical science,’ KIT and its two predecessors have been serving our society for over a century. KIT has Drosophila Genetic Resource Center(DGRC). The DGRC collects Drosophila stocks from laboratories all over the world, maintains them, and provides them to researchers upon request. There are only three Drosophila resorce center in the world ! Drosophila is an essential model organism for life science research as a result of its long-term use in genetic research. KIT has great achievements in this genetic field. And, KIT has departments not only of science but also of arts. It is rare in Japanese national universities! So KIT has philosophy that we will develop an academic community, which aspires to the fusion of science and art cultivated from the foundation of KIT. So it is no doubt that KIT is the best university to participate iGEM projects! KIT encourages students to participate in internships, experience the realm where design and science converge and take part in projects with our partner universities abroad. KIT also promotes collaboration in business and research with industries. The close rapport maintained with area industries over the past 100 years has allowed us to continue to have our fingers on the pulse of Kyoto design and technology. Finally, KIT financially supports our team.

      >>Kyoto Institute of Technology And, these are the members of our group. We express our thanks to all and every one of them for their cooperation. >>Yamaguchi Lab Group >>Izawa Lab Group >>Inoue Lab Group >>KIT Applied Biology Section
    • Kyoto Institute of Technology iGEM team "KIT - Kyoto" is the first participation this year. We got interested in the poster presented in iGEM by Tokyo Institute of Technology at summer school of biological science held in Japan. And decided to participate in iGEM 2010. It was started on March 17, 2010, and the team member was five people in those days. To make our iGEM team KIT-Kyoto, We got contact with some iGEM team in Japan and collected many information of iGEM 2010. Philosophy in making our team is a combination of biology and design.And now we have 2 students from design engineering department and 11 students from applied biology department in our iGEM team.

      Our expectations and hope for iGEM 2010 are 3 points.
      (1)We would like to promote better understanding and interest for biology through activity in iGEM 2010.
      (2)We would like to discuss with many students all over the world, and we would like to make friends with all around the world.
      (3)Our University, Kyoto Institute of Technology, KIT is not so large and famous enough, so we wanna make it world wide famous by achievement of brilliant results at iGEM 2010.

      Details concerning the design of the team logo are links below. >>DesignNote Week1

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