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We have:
Had a fantastic summer, learned loads and formed new friendships.
Tackled the problem of Neglected Tropical Diseases for the first time in the iGEM competition.
Submitted 23 documented parts to the registry.
Developed integration vectors for BioBrick parts and devices which allow integration of cassettes into the B. subtilis genome, resulting in disruption of essential genes. Dif excision allows removal of antibiotic resistance genes from our cassettes.
Extensively characterized the existing BioBrick part, 'XylE reporter gene with RBS' (BBa_J33204).
Submitted new coding parts such as the histidine kinase ComD (K316015).
Shown that the novel engineered BioBrick part, GFP-XylE (BBa_K316007) works as expected.
Submitted a very useful, modular and natural BioBrick Part, the LytC cell wall binding domain (CWBD).
Designed a software tool for protease detection and protein presentation on the surface of B. subtilis using the LytC CWBD.
Explored the Human Practices aspects of our project including the ethical, social, environmental, economic and political implications of our detection kit including the setting in which it would be implemented.
Based our specifications on modelling and human practices.
Managed to get loads of experimental results!
Completed the whole iteration through the engineering design cycle for each module of our system.
Explored the production and implementation considerations that we thought might be important in the manufacture of Parasight as a viable product.
Investigated the safety implications of the project as a whole.
Run a series of Synthetic Biology School Workshops, and provided a toolkit for others teams follow suit.
Helped other iGEM teams (including Warsaw, UNAM-Mexico and METU-Turkey) by completing their surveys.