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Ada Wong

As a year two student of the bachelor student of Biochemistry at CUHK, IGEM is a precious chance for me to learn more about synthetic biology and scientific research. I am just a year two student, therefore I can and need to learn more in this project, including the wet-lab technique and the synthetic biology theory. I am looking forward to meet other teams from all around the world to widen my horizons.


Aldrin Yim

Major in Biochemistry but specialty is computer programming and bioinformatics, would go swimming or gym while waiting for results from servers or gel, and would share whisky and ice-cream with labmates at night.


Cathy Mak

I am a bachelor student of biochemistry at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. It is a precious chance to participate in the iGEM competition in which I learnt a lot about the leading field of science – synthetic biology. I found it very interesting to study how simple organisms can be manipulated block by block and brick by brick. I was also deeply impressed by the infinite potential of synthetic biology for seemingly any biological systems to operate. In this competition, I am responsible for the wet lab and part registry. I acquired much useful hands on experience and technical know-how. It is of great value for my future studies and further enhancing my interests in science.


Chu Tinyi

I am a sophomore student majoring in biochemistry at CUHK. I have always been fascinated by the principles behind lives – even those of a single bacteria cell – so that I take a great delight in studying and exploring them. The beauty of iGEM is that it provides a platform for us as undergraduates to not only understand these principles but also carry out creation of new function by integrating them, and that’s also the reason why I choose to participate in it. I wish I could get a deeper comprehension about synthetic biology through iGEM, and hopefully apply the knowledge to mammalian cells for disease-related research in the future.


Jacky Loo

Hey, everyone, I'm Jacky. I'm glad to lead the team this year. As a final-year student studying Biochemistry, I'm inteserted in all lab working. In daily life, I like making new joke, writing new poem, singing with my guitar, enjoying all kind of sports.~ Most important, I like dreaming a lot. I always hope my dream come true. One of my dream is to engineer a bacteria...which can help me engineer other bacteria with the function that I am dreaming! HAHAHA!

Thanks a lot!


Ricky Thomson Choi

I am a bachelor student of Biochemistry at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. After learning some basic concepts of Biochemistry in the past 2 semesters, I am interested in the idea of synthetic biology and joined iGEM competition. As a member in wet lab team, it is so challenging that I can learn lots of laboratory techniques by doing wet lab works. Moreover, I take part in the designing of WIKI page of this project as I am also interested in computer skills. Being one of the members of CUHK team, I hope to draw the attention of the public on scientific researches in Hong Kong, and looking forward to have more students studying in biochemistry.


Sophie Liu

Hello everyone, I’ m Sophie, a final year Biochemistry student in CUHK. I love research work because I’ m always curious about the mysterious things. I have had a lot of research experience such as doing summer research project in CUHK﹔and I have just finished my internship in the medical school of Georgetown University this summer. I’ d like to pursue my postgraduate education after graduation, and my major interest is in cancer therapy and immunology. In my free time, I like to read science fiction stories~~and enjoying delicious food~~. I’ m now looking forward to the wonderful time in MIT in November.

Vivien Chiu

Hello! I am Vivien, a final year student major in Biochemistry in CUHK. It is my pleasure to take part in IGEM and share all amazing ideas of synthetic biology with all participants of IGEM from the world. I am interested in molecular biology and French. Look forward to our IGEM competition in November!



Wong Kit Ying

I’m a year 2 undergraduate student of biochemistry at CUHK. I’m interested in camping, cookery, reading and tarot. Long ago when I studied biology in high school, I’ve been very interested in creating functional synthetic systems in biology. To me, this is really a miracle to introduce a new system into an organism. I believe participating in iGEM2010 will surely seize my horizon in the field of biotechnology. And I find myself become more engaged in studying biochemistry as well as molecular biotechnology through the competition. MIT, here I go!!!