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1: Bacteria are dangerous
2: Most bacteria cause diseases
3: DNA is dangerous
4: I understand what genetic modification is
5: Genetic modification should be restricted
6: I understand what synthetic biology is
7: Synthetic biology is like acting as God
8: Synthetic biology sounds dangerous
9: Synthetic biology is not something I encounter on a regular basis

We conducted a survey to see what people think about synthetic biology and its ethical aspects. We made a questionnaire in which the responders had to assign a 1-5 mark to the following statements:

A mark of 1 means that you fully disagree, a mark of 2 means that you disagree, a mark of 3 means that you have no opinion, a mark of 4 means you agree and a mark of 5 means that you fully agree.

The survey was conducted after the presentations at high schools and at the Kenniscafé. 56 people filled it in, in the graph you can see which answers where chosen how often.