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Information Standard

An information standard for BioBricks is needed to provide the specified information in a standardized layout, which improves the quality of information and reduces the chance of forgetting information. In many industries we already see such standards, however such a standard doesn't exist yet in synthetic biology. It was our purpose to build a standard which easily allows improvement the documentation for BioBricks which are published on the partsregistry.

A standard has to be published at a standardization office. The standardization office for synthetic biology is the BioBrick Foundation. They assigned us standard number 52 and can be referred to as BBF RFC 52.

Reasons to design such an information standard is that the information on the partsregistry is often brief and often insufficient. We would like to see more information available and we hope it will be more easily searchable. This way it will be easier to determine if a BioBrick is suitable for the purposes you are looking for.

Our standard is based on the currently available information in the Partsregistry and by thinking about which information is important and relevant for all BioBricks.

Future work This standard is general so it will be easy to extend in the future. For example, it should be easy to add specific information for negators and promotors by making a new standard which extends the current standards in such a way that it provides all information needed.

RFC 52 final version

To see an example of how the standard could be used: click here