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Sequence View Gadget

The reason why we want to present the Sequence View Gadget on a separate page is that it is the first Gadget used by SynBioWave that was created using Google Web Toolkit and the Cobogwave protocol. Gadgets created this way are very powerful and can be used in so many ways, that SynBioWave could eventually rely solely on GWT Gadgets.

Google Web Toolkit

Google Web Toolkit

Google Web Toolkit is a development framework for building and optimizing complex browser-based applications. With GWT you can create Java Programs that are then compiled and translated to Java Script so they can run in a browser. It was released by Google in 2006 and the latest version is 2.0.4. Since Wave Gadgets are also programmed in Java Script it appears reasonable that GWT projects should also work there. There is however one more step to take.

The CobogWave Protocol

The Cobogwave Protocol enables Wave developers to program Wave Gadgets using GWT. Cobogwave is merely a wrapper to embed them into Wave and make use of the Gadgetstate, so communication with robots is possible.

These tools make it much easier to develop Gadgets, because developers can use Java IDEs and then simply convert the project to Java Script. The first Gadget that makes use of this is the new Sequence View Gadget.

Sequence View Gadget

The Sequence View Gadget allows the user to take a detailed look at the sequences and the features. Future versions will also allow easy editing functions, such as adding annotations.
To use the Sequence View Gadget simply select a sequence from the workspace and click "Sequence" and then "Circular View" in the main Menu. The robot will then add the Gadget to the wave. It has two tabs containing two different visual representations of the sequence.

Circular View

The circular view provides a nice overview over the sequence and its features. The sequence will be interpreted as circular and all the features will be displayed with their labels around it. You can click and drag the picture around. Future releases will also have the option to zoom in.