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A few of the less known facts about our supervisor, 'Chairman' Chris French...

  • Chris French can remove cultures from the shaker without stopping it.
  • Chris French doesn’t need electricity to perform gel electrophoresis.
  • Chris French doesn’t use pipettes. Solutions jump from one tube to another out of fear.
  • Chris French can put 2ml of solution in a 1.5ml centrifuge tube.
  • Chris French can autoclave pipette tips by looking at them.
  • Chris French doesn’t open windows. Windows open for Chris French.
  • Chris French has written a Perl script to save humanity. Unfortunately, we’re just not good enough for him.
  • When Chris French grows E. coli they smell of Chanel Chance Eau Tendre.
  • Chris French can produce overnight cultures in two hours.
  • Chris French can cut GAATTC with XbaI.
  • Chris French can drink ethidium bromide and live.
  • Chris French doesn’t wear gloves to protect himself from toxic solutions. He wears them to protect the toxic solutions from him.
  • Chris French can get 100 plates from a 250ml bottle of agar.
  • Chris French holds the PCR machine closed with a belt to stop the samples from running away.
  • Chris French doesn’t need to measure optical density. He can count the number of bacteria in a sample.
  • Chris French doesn’t need antibiotics to stop bacteria from growing.
  • Chris French’s plates never get contaminated. EVER!
  • Chris French doesn’t use primers for PCR. He tells the DNA he needs more copies and they multiply themselves.
  • Chris French doesn’t use a centrifuge, he just runs around in a circle with the tubes in his hand with the same end result.
  • Chris French sends you emails from the future, just because he can.
  • Chris French doesn’t pay for his Macs. Steve Jobs gives them to him so that he won’t endorse Microsoft.
  • Chris French can miniprep plasmid DNA from human cells.
  • The freezers in Chris French’s lab aren’t plugged into the mains. He writes on them the temperature they should be and they automatically adjust.
  • Chris French can read your DNA.

As presented by the Illuminati. Thank you very much for all your help during the summer!