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BioBricks: Genomic BRIDGEs

For this part of the project we will have one main BioBrick, which will be the construct required for the two-step markerless insertion, encompassing cat (chloramphenicol resistance) and sacB (prevents growth on sucrose).

Chloramphenicol resistance has already been well characterised in the registry, so our characterisation has mainly focused on sacB.

In addition we will probably be submitting the construct with the up- and down- stream sequences of useful genes which can be removed, e.g. tnaA, which produces indole - when removed E. coli no longer smells!

Name Type Link Description
cat Protein Domain BBa_K322210 Chloramphenicol acetyltransferase (chloramphenicol resistance gene).
sacB Coding BBa_K322921 Bacillus subtilis levansucrase, lethal to E. coli in presence of sucrose.
tnaA upstream region Protein Domain BBa_K322705 Upstream region of E. coli tryptophanase locus, used for targetting genes to this locus using BRIDGE.
tnaA downstream region Protein Domain BBa_K322706 Downstream region of E. coli tryptophanase locus, used for targetting genes to this locus using BRIDGE.

Composite BioBricks in preparation.

BioBricks: Bacterial BRIDGEs


Name Type Link Description
luxAB Protein Domain BBa_K322139 Bacterial luciferase producing blue light.
luxCDE Protein Domain BBa_K322312 Codes for a fatty acid reductase complex that makes the fatty acids necessary for LuxAB.
lumP Protein Domain BBa_K322007 Lumazine protein to shift the wavelength of LuxAB.
Phycobilin synthesis operon Protein Domain BBa_K322122 Harvard 2008's BBa_K098010 in pSB1C3.
Phycobilin synthesis operon without terminator Protein Domain BBa_K322123 BBa_K098010 without terminator, allowing addition of cph8.
cph8 Protein Domain BBa_K322124 Light sensing protein (chimeric Cph1 light receptor / EnvZ protein) for red light.
Firefly luciferase Protein Domain BBa_K322124 Ljubljana 2007's BBa_I712019 in pSB1C3.
Firefly luciferase S284T mutant Protein Domain BBa_K322246 Firefly luciferase mutated towards the red spectrum.
Firefly luciferase 356K mutant Protein Domain BBa_K322246 Firefly luciferase S284T mutant re-mutated towards the red spectrum.
Codon optimised bright firefly luciferase Coding BBa_K322451 Photinus pyralis luciferase mutated for increased bioluminescence.

Composite BioBricks in preparation.