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[ ''Main article - Making Lurea's Broth'']
[ ''Main article - Making Lurea's Broth'']

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"Film In Lab" - The Video Tutorial Project

The iGEM – Debrecen group is a multidisciplinary team. In summer 2010 we had guest students, the AKG team, from a high school in Budapest joining us. Our aim was to bring all students, coming from different backgrounds, into a functioning unit. Thus, we have created as part of the preparatory phase the video tutorials. The video tutorials project, also called:"Film in Lab" project, started as an initiative of our group and grew larger.

In general, the idea was to create an observational way of teaching the basic lab techniques. Nevertheless, the project got lots of empathy, thus we have decided to improve it by adding soundtracks, pearls and comments. For this, we have created an own sub team that produced and created the "Film in Lab" project. This way we are aiming to establish an open source that will serve future iGEM members around the globe. We believe that this contribution is in harmony with the idea of the iGEM initiative.

Moreover, this "Film in Lab" project is a great example for how complicated procedures can be simplified; and resulting in efficient application of the theoretical knowledge by a beginner. For making the experience complete and fruitful, one may find the protocols in the 'Open Wet Ware' account of iGEM-Debrecen Team 2010. We recommend to read the protocols carefully before and after watching the video tutorial for maximizing the experience.

We thank 'Roche' for supporting and sponsoring this project. Also, we thank all students members and supervisors for critical review of scripts and audio soundtracks. Especially, to Dorottya Jakab (AKG team) and Burger Veronika (a sixth year medical student) who made this project posible.

See more at our Youtube channel.
Download our video project summary with links to the protocols here.

The members of the "Film in Lab" project :

Dorottya, Jakab – presenting student (Transformation, Midiprep, Gel-Electrophoresis)

Endre, Kristof – video making (PCR)

Guri, Yakir – supervising the project, film making, editing protocols and videos

Liu, Shun-Chien – coordinator, Scripts, video making (nanodrop) and audio co-editor

Malka, Lior – presenting student (nanodrop),and web master

Markovits, Daniel – vocals

Nagy, Kata - critical review of Midiprep

Ozgyin, Lilla – presenting student (Cell-passaging, Ligand stimulation, Transfection)

Sandor, Kata – presenting student (PCR)

Guri, Yakir

Supervisor of the video project

Balint L. Balint, MD, PhD,

Supervisor and instructor of 'iGEM-Debrecen 2010 Team'


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