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Our team is an interdisciplinary group composed of biology and mathematics subgroups collaborating between two different campuses, Missouri Western State University (MO) and Davidson College (NC). Missouri Western State University (MWSU) and Davidson College are 1,032 miles/1,660 km apart, so our collaboration involves cyber meetings, wiki postings, Wiggio shared space, Skype communication, and two campus site-visits.

During the first week of our 10 week project, MWSU traveled to Davidson for 5 days to determine what our project would be. During week 10, Davidson traveled to MWSU to produce the wiki, PPT and poster. Our campuses have no graduate students or postdocs. Our team is composed of 15 undergraduates majoring in biology, chemistry, civil engineering,mathematics, as well as some who have not declared their majors yet. We have sophomores, juniors, and seniors on our team.

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Who we are


  • Advisor 1: Dr. Heyer, pipet racer runner up
  • Advisor 2: Dr. Campbell master of puns
  • Advisor 3: Dr. Poet expert of pictorial proofs
  • Advisor 4: Dr. Eckdahl, he of the cardigans, mini golf champion aka sweet pea


  • Student 1: Anvi the 6-fingered mumbler
  • Student 2: Eugene, the young and the restless
  • Student 3: Jams, Is going to save the world
  • Student 4: Alfred Keila Loves iGEM and Davidson
  • Student 5: Tom the pool shark
  • Student 6: Steph might as well be on the bio team
  • Student 7: Stephen, lord of the powerpoints
  • Student 8: Stacey, computer wizard
  • Student 9: Jeff the only MW guy with a mac
  • Student 10: Bri and her bestiesssssss!!!!!!!!!!
  • Student 11: Nitya loves like a gazillion blog thingys
  • Student 12: Jeska the paparazzi
  • Student 13: Danielle has sunshine… on a cloudy day
  • Student 14: Curtiss does the stanky leg
  • Student 15: Bridget might be bigbird?

What we did

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Where we're from