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'''Undergrads:''' *'''Student 1''': Anvi the 6-fingered mumbler *'''Student 2''': Eugene, the young and the restless *'''Student 3''': Jams, Is going to save the world *'''Student 4''': Alfred Keila Loves iGEM and Davidson *'''Student 5''': Tom the pool shark *'''Student 6''': Steph might as well be on the bio team *'''Student 7''': Stephen, lord of the powerpoints *'''Student 8''': Stacey, computer wizard *'''Student 9''': Jeff the only MW guy with a mac *'''Student 10''': Bri and her bestiesssssss!!!!!!!!!! *'''Student 11''': Nitya loves like a gazillion blog thingys *'''Student 12''': Jeska the paparazzi *'''Student 13''': Danielle has sunshine… on a cloudy day *'''Student 14''': Curtiss does the stanky leg *'''Student 15''': Bridget might be bigbird?