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Monday 8/30

  • Use a different plate of L62-1 cells (HSP-LacI-GFP), pick 3 different colonies and re-perform the HSP-LacI-GFP
    • Only use 0 mM Glucose and 5 mM Glucose
  • Make new digests of L54 (HSP-LacI-RBS), E0430 (EYFP), and RFP-TetR backbone
  • Ligate L54 to L56 (Lysis-Terminator), L54 to L57 (Another Lysis-Terminator), and L54 to E0430
  • Transform aforementioned ligations into cells, along with L90 and L91 (both HSP-Lysis)
  • Attempt PCR extraction and amplification of E. coli sigma 32 (HtpR)

Tuesday 8/31

  • Fluorescence spectrometry shows that cells in 5 mM glucose produces significantly less GFP than those in no glucose growth medium.
  • Transformations of L90-L95 grow slowly in 30 Celsius conditions; no colonies yet
  • Ran gel electrophoresis of E. coli sigma 32 PCR product
    • PCR product the right size! Order primers to turn sigma 32 (HtpR) into an RFC 10 BioBrick

Wednesday 9/1

  • Colonies appeared on L91 and L95 plates
  • Colony PCR of L91 and L95
  • Ran gel electrophoresis of L91, L95 colony PCR products

Thursday 9/2

Friday 9/3

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