Team:Caltech/Week 1


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  • Discussed procuring items & lab space.
  • Prepared for SURF start.


  • Created GANTT Chart (below) detailing our work plan for the summer.
GANTT Chart diagramming our planned progress throughout the summer.
  • Detailed possible side projects, open to any member as time permits:
    • Agarase
    • pH/Environmental Response
    • Phototaxis
    • Colored plastic
    • Activa (transglutaminase)
  • Procured supplies from stock room
  • Cleaned out lab space
  • Prepared LB-amp media & plates


  • Procured remaining antibiotics & sample of XL1 Blue cells
  • Prepare orders for Sigma, NEB, and others
    • Sigma: Crosslinking compounds, substrates (linseed oil & soybean oil)
    • NEB: Biobrick assembly kit, Ladders, polymerase
  • Prepared list of biobricks to order
    • Addl Lysis bricks
    • Agarase bricks


  • Made stock solutions for transformation and subsequent culturing
  • Transformed XL-1 Blue E. Coli with selected BioBricks