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iGEM Calgary would like to thank all the people who have generously provided their support:

Heng H. Khun for the considerable amount of time you spent with us helping us with our wetlab portion of our project, especially with lab techniques.

Deirdre Lobb for helping us with virtually everything from wetlab troubleshooting to providing us with all the materials we needed. This year’s iGEM team would not have been possible without your contributions.

Dr. Shawn Lewenza for your kind donation of periplasmic RFP strains as well as the digital sequence. This is a crucial piece in our transcription/translation protein folding plasmid.

Dr. Tracy Raivio for your contributions of culture with the NlpE and CpxP plasmids. This part is significant to test protein aggregation in the periplasmic space.

Dr. Jean-Michael Betton for providing us with essential genes: MalE, MalE31, MalE31 with signal sequence deletion and MalE signal sequence deletion. This part will help us characterize protein aggregation in both cytoplasmic and periplasmic regions.

We would like to thank Dr. Leslie Nagata and Dr. Qiaohua (Josh) Wu as well as their colleagues for their roles in organizing a tour of the Defence Research and Development Canada base in Suffield, Alberta. The discussions and the tour were very helpful in developing the Ethics component of our project.

Thane Kubik for lending us your expertise and experiences with iGEM, your contributions really helped us with troubleshooting our project.

Thanks to Sonja Georgijevic, Mandy Cheung, and Stefan Marcus for taking time out of your schedules to do an iGEM crash course for us. This helped get all of us into an iGEM mindset.

Leanne Yohemas for taking the time to meet with us regarding media coverage for our iGEM team.

Jennifer Hill from Alberta Innovates Technology Futures, for organizing the iGEM teacher’s workshop in Calgary as well as setting up the Lethbridge workshop. Future thanks for the aGEM competition. All these events that you helped us with really helps facilitate a stronger iGEM community in Alberta.

Jennifer Logan and Toby Taylor for all the administration help. iGEM could not be possible without your contributions.

Shawn Horseman for your help in programming the Victor plate reader and helping us run our inductions. Your help was crucial for us to characterize our parts.

Thank you to Dr. Ray Turner for lending his expertise in protein folding mechanism. His contributions helped guide the project during its final stages of development. Also thanks for allowing us to sit in on his protein expression seminar.

Dr.Joenel Alcantara for his help as an advisor especially wetlab troubleshooting.

Thanks Alex Tang his patience and help with out wetlab troubleshooting

aGEM Judges:

Andrew Hessel has contributed numerous ideas at the Lethbridge workshop as well as at aGEM. We really owe Andrew for giving us great ideas and motivating us to be interested and ambassadors for synthetic biology!

Thanks Lori Sheremeta for speaking to us one on one and ironing out the ethics paper

Thanks Candice Berezan for sharing your awesome experiences and helping us with our presentation skills

Thank you Chris Dambrowitz for the great talk about the future directions of our project, the big picture really helped us during our final months

Justin Pahara really helped with flushing out our presentation and overall ideas of our project. Thanks for all the support! Plus a super cool guy :)

Thanks Dr. Wayne Materi for your help with the presentation. Your questions addressed really helped develop our project.

Thank you to the University of Calgary BHSc faculty for allowing us to operate within your teaching labs. Without proper lab space, equipment and supplies, it would not have been possible to have an iGEM team this year.