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Himika's gel electrophoresis of the restriction digest of parts listed below

Friday July 9, 2010


Today I did a restriction digest of parts with Eco/Spe in buffer II that I constructed and the plasmid switch I did on July 6th. The parts that I digested were:

  • 3 colonies of E1010 in AC plasmid
  • 2 colonies of E1010-B0015 construction done on July 6th
  • I also ran 2 colonies of I13507
  • 1 colony of E1010 in its original Kanamycin plasmid

Refer to the image for the results of the gel electrophoresis done of the restriction digests

I also updated the team and Dr. Schryvers about the IbpAB protein and modelling that I did this and last week.

I also designed primer along with Dave for sewing PCR of the ppRFP circuit.


Today, I contacted the Qiagen representative about possible sponsorship and am awaiting a response. As well, this morning, I did plasmid preparations of several different overnight cultures of I0500. 7 overnight cultures were prepped using the Sigma Aldrich GenElute Plasmid Preparation kit (the protocol can be found in our Lab Protocols section). As well, we did a presentation of our overall project to our supervisors Dr. Cairine Logan and Dr. Anthony Schryvers as well as several graduate students and our lab technician Deirdre Lobb. This presentation was put together as a practice for the iGEM competition as well as to inform everyone on the status and goals of our project.

Jeremy's construction of R0040+ 13507. Red and Normal colored cells present.
Jeremy's construction of R0040+ 13507 (second set). Red and Normal colored cells present.
Jeremy's Bbk RFP (attempt 1)


Today I worked on biobricking pRFP because the primers came in. Henry helped design suitable conditions for the PCR. There was problems with larger than normal bands, potentially due to annealing on the plasmid. The R0040 + I13507 parts had colonies that are red, further verification via sequencing for I13507 will be necessary to confirm it is consistent.

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