Team:Calgary/9 July 2010


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restriction digest of parts that Himika ran on 07-09-2010

Friday July 9, 2010


Today I did a restriction digest of parts with Eco/Spe in buffer IIthat I constructed and the plasmid switch I did on July 6th. The parts that I digested were:

  • 3 colonies of E1010 in AC plasmid
  • 2 colonies of E1010-B0015 construction done on July 6th
  • I also ran 2 colonies of I13507
  • 1 colony of E1010 Kan

Refer to the image for more details about the restriction digest.

I also updated the team and Dr. Schryvers about the IbpAB protein and modelling that I did this and last week.

I also designed primer along with Dave for the pRFP circuit.

No notebook page exists for this date. Sorry!