Team:Calgary/8 September 2010


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Wednesday September 8, 2010


Today the team presented iGEM and an overview of the project to the incoming BHSc students. Today I also did arabinose induction with MalE31 system -CpxR-I13504 system. I have not had a chance to read it yet but I will tomorrow. Today I also worked on the aGEM presentation some more. We will present it tomorrow to our advisors, Paul and Dave, and see what they think about it and modify the presentation accordingly. I also made overnight cultures of MalE31 and DegP system which will be miniprepped tomorrow.


Today, Alex and Emily presented the iGEM project to the BHSc orientation of first year students. We also continued to work on the presentation that will be presented this weekend in Edmonton at the Alberta Genetically Engineered Machine hosted by AITF