Team:Calgary/7 September 2010


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Tuesday September 7, 2010


Today I PCR Purified malE and malE31. I then digested these as well as the psB1AK3 vector with a combination of restriction enzymes to try to get it into an AK BBK construction vector. I ligated these and transformed them into TOP10 competant cells and plated on K plates, leaving for overnight growth. I also made more K plates as well as more AK broth. Today we also all worked on the presentation that we will be giving at the 3rd annual aGEM Jamboree this coming weekend in Edmonton.


Today I ran a gel of the troubleshooting PCR. I also read the arabinose induction that was done by Emily. Although there was a mixup in samples, we still got decent readings and I will induce more samples tomorrow. I hope to get a better reading for CpxR-I13507 with MalE31 circuit.I also pitched in to work with the team for the aGEM presentation. I also reconstructed DegP-I13504/13507 with I0500-B0034 and MalE31 (Plated on AK) so that we can begin testing and characterizing the circuits.