Team:Calgary/3 August 2010


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Tuesday August 3, 2010


Today I did a restriction digest of the plasmids pSB1AK3 and pSB1AC3 for the plasmid switch of pRFP. This was also constructed together and transformed on AK and AC plates. Also today I designed a wiki main page template.


Today I set-up and ran a PCR with the forward primers that were designed for MalE and MalE31 with the signal sequence deleted. The PCR conditions are the same as before, with the annealing temperature being 54 degrees celcius for 30 seconds instead of 45 seconds.

I also did a restriction digest to check whether our insert (MalE, MalE31 C1, MalE31C2)had properly ligated to the TOPO vector.

At 4:00 pm, I set up and ran an Agarose Gel Electrophoresis of my PCR products and also of my restriction digest. For the PCR product, I am expecting a band around 1200 bp and for the restriction digest, one at 1400 and the other at 3500.

Today, I also worked on the Ethics paper. I have completed the Introduction to Synthetic Biology and Gene Expression Toolkit and have sent it to another team member to edit and give feedbacks.


Today, I did plasmid preparations of the CpxP promoter inserted in both Ampicillin-kanamycin and ampicillin-chloramphenicol plasmids that overnight cultures were made of yesterday by Emily. As well, I helped finish Dev's plasmid switch of the CpxR (K135000) promoter into both ampicillin-kanamycin and ampicillin-chloramphenicol plasmids from just ampicillin-resistant plasmids. Finally, I did transformations of the pSB1AK3 and pSB1AC3 from the 2009 Registry parts. These were plated with the ccdB gene embedded (from the Registry standard). I also made negative controls which should not grow of both regular Top10 cells and ccdB resistant cells on ampicillin-kanamycin and ampicillin-chloramphenicol plates.

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