Team:Calgary/30 August 2010


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Monday August 30, 2010 this an omen for things to come?


Today, I set up a PCR Reaction in order to biobrick MalE and MalE31 without the signalling sequence. I set up 8x with the MalE-BBKdelss-F and the MalE-R primers. The negative control is a MalE plasmid. Another set of reaction was set, which is with the MalE-BBk-F and the MalE-R and the positive control was MalE plasmid.

I have also completed my draft with suggestion made from Himika and Paul on my introduction and also which section should have the paragraphs that I had written. I also wrote for the Legal portion of the paper.


Today I ligated my digests from yesterday and then transformed them into TOP10 competant cells. I plated on AK plates and left for overnight growth. I also finally induced some fo my ovenright cultures with Arabinose, so we shall get the results form the plate reader tomorrow. Today I also verified sequeuncing results from the DegP constructions (both the DegP consructs are now built and sequenced!). Today I also split up some of the remianing wetlab work worked on editing some of the minireports for the Wiki.


Today is my first real day of wetlab stuff since my time off. I redid the pRFP biobrick and will run the gel tomorrow. I also did a transformation of MalE, MalE31 and NlpE into the Ravio competent cells. I also made more agar and broth.

Non-wetlab stuff that I did included fixing areas of the wiki, writing up the transcription/translation portion of the circuit and doing the Calgary, University of Calgary and O'brien sections of the wiki.


Trying very hard to get a strand of amino acids (i.e. a very long cylinder object) to twist and fold into a "protein" (i.e. a very long cylinder object knotted together). Skeleton and inverse kinematic animation is proving much more difficult than it first appears to be.


Today, I did plasmid preparations of the construction of (I0500-I13507 which will be given to Dev to verify. As well, I made ampicillin containing plates and made overnight cultures of the CpxP promoter and the ibpAB-fsxA-T7 fusion promoter inserted into the AK and AC plasmid. I continued my reading into DegP and Cpx which the paper was due last week...I will get that to you as soon as possible, Emily.


Today I worked mostly on brushing up the presentation for aGEM as well as deisgning the poster for iGEM. I have assigned everyone tasks for the poster so I can have a tentative idea of what people want on hte poster. I also made overnight cultures of CpxR+MalE31 system. These would be induced soon with arabinose. This arabinose should induce the system and produce MalE31 and activate CpxR system producing a signal. I also send CpxR and MalE31 for sequencing(C6). I also set up overnight cultures for I0500+MalE31 which will be miniprepped and constructed with DegP system.