Team:Calgary/27 August 2010


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Friday August 27, 2010


Today, I ligated the restriction digests that were set up yesterday including the insertion of CpxP and ibpAB into ampicillin-kanamycin and ampicillin-chloramphenicol plasmids. They were plated on just chloramphenicol and kanamycin plates so as not to induce as much stress on the cells. As well, I helped Himika book the hotel at which we are staying at for iGEM and got quotes on our flights to Boston in November. I also wrote up a new draft of the budget for our team this year with actual numbers, showing we are actually in green!!


Today I set up a digested of my minipreppoed hypothetical Biobricked malE with EcoRI/PstI. I was looking to get bands at ~3 KB for the psB1AK3 vector and ~1.2 for the malE insert. Unfortunately I only got one band, which either indicates that the digestion did not work and malE could be in the vector, or that there is nothing in the vector and the single band is the cut AK vector. I ran another digest, using the same enzymes with J13002-LuxOD471-B0015 from last year, and using different enzymes with malE.


Started learning skeletons and inverse kinematics. Sort of played around with the functions in Maya


Today I did a restriction digest of CpxR and MalE31 circuit. The digest looks good but the digested lanes have 1 band. Later on I figured out that this was due to the fact that the plasmid size pSB1AK3 and the part size were fairly close. It was too late for sequencing today so I will send it for sequencing on Monday.