Team:Calgary/26 August 2010


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Thursday August 26, 2010


Today, I continued contacting companies for sponsorship as well as confirmed that the suit that we ordered was returned to Snaron Hill. I also wrote up a revised draft of our monetary breakup of funds as current. We are finally in the green!! Also, I continued researching on the Cpx regulon as well as the degP aspect for the wiki as well as our paper. This will be due tomorrow, so much work will be needed.


Today I induced overnight cultures of the I0500-I13504 colonies with Arabinose. I made four aliquots of 5 mL each culture and induced with the following concentrations of Arabinose: 0.15%, 0.2%, 0.25% and 0.3%. I will be looking fir GFP expression tomorrow using the Plate reader. Today I also read up some more on NLPE as well as on ibpAB. I also looked into getting funding for our project from the Student's Union.


Today I researched NlpE and also edited the power point slides from yesterday keeping in mind the feedback that we got from Thane. I also came up with a layout for our aGEM poster presentation. This poster layout is very preliminary and will be shown to all the team members for their approval. I also made overnight cultures of MalE31-CpxR circuit which will be miniprepped and sent for sequencing tomorrow.

Hopefully a positive result!!