Team:Calgary/25 August 2010


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Wednesday August 25, 2010


Today, we finished up the presentation as well as finally got an hour or so of sleep!! Which was amazing. But, we finished adding the video as well as most preliminary figures to the Keynote presentation. We presented successfully and received a lot of constructive criticism from Thane as well as our teaching assistants Dave, Paul, and Henry. This will greatly aid us in our presentation at aGEM as well as show us what we must work on in the next few months to prepare for iGEM ultimately.


Today we did a mock aGEM presentation. It was pretty rough, but at least we have more of a direction of where we are going with this.


Today I finished up and rehearsed the mock aGEM presentation. I also presented the mock presentation. We got lots of feedback and therefore have a better direction of what we are doing now.