Team:Calgary/24 August 2010


Tuesday August 24, 2010

Himika's Colony PCR. The lanes' contents are shown below.


Today I did a colony PCR of the double transformation and the construction done last night. I used C1, C2, C3, C4 from plate 1 and C5 from plate 2. I picked C1, C2 from plate 1 which was plated in AC and C3-C5 from plate 2 in AK.

Colony PCR lanes

  • Lane 1: MalE31 in CpxR competent cells -C1
  • Lane 2: MalE31 in CpxR competent cells -C2
  • Lane 3: MalE31 in CpxR competent cells -C3
  • Lane 4: MalE31 in CpxR competent cells -C4
  • Lane 5: MalE31 in CpxR competent cells -C5
  • Lane 6: MalE31 +CpxR circuit AC -C1
  • Lane 7: MalE31 +CpxR circuit AC -C2
  • Lane 8: MalE31 +CpxR circuit AK -C3
  • Lane 9: MalE31 +CpxR circuit AK -C4
  • Lane 10: MalE31 +CpxR circuit AK -C5
  • Lane 11: MalE31 circuit c11(SEQUENCED)
  • Lane 12: Master mix

Besides that, I also worked on the mock aGEM presentation which is tomorrow.


Today, I spent most of the day reading background information on the Cpx regulon as well as putting together some of the slides for the presentation that will be done tomorrow as preparation for the aGEM competition. With the hours we are putting on this, we are hoping to represent our project in an effective manner. We have temporarily dropped most wetlab work in order to finish the presentation.


Today we spent the entire day working on our oral presentation/ slides for our mock aGEM presentation tomorrow I also worked on writing up some information on the cytoplasmic stress response that we are looking at.