Team:Calgary/23 August 2010


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Monday August 23, 2010


Today I diluted some more of the BBK-CP primers. I also miniprepped some plasmids for Chris. I also looked into some papers on the heat shock repsonse in E. Coli, the ibpAB promoter, maltose and IPTG induction and the Raivio testing strains. I also gave some thought to the order of our oral presentation for aGEM.


Applying many of the wiki layouts today. Finished doing the Notebook page layouts. Slowly adding in the rest of the pages.


Today I constructured I0500-B0034-MalE31 with CpxR system in an AK plasmid. I also transformed MalE circuit into the CpxR compentent cells which would be later induced using Arabinose. I also did research about some modeling equations and found some usable equations.


Today, I spent the day contacting different companies to attempt to raise funds for our project. We have been mildly successful so far and most of our sponsors are listed on our main page. We also began working on the powerpoint which will be presented to Thane Kubik on the 25th of August as a practice run for the Alberta Genetically Engineered Machine competition.