Team:Calgary/20 August 2010


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Friday August 20, 2010


Today I PCR purified malE and malE31. I then set up a digest of these, plus the psB1AK3 with a combination of enzymes: both EcoRI/SpeI and XbaI/PstI. This is to try to get the linearized PCR product into the AK BBK Construction plasmid. I then transformed these into TOP10 cells and plated them on AK plates. Today we also had a meeting in order to finalize some details for the iGEM class as well as for our presentation at aGEM.


Today I miniprepped pSB2K3, MalE31 circuits. I also constructed MalE31 circuits with the CpxR circuits. This circuit is important in order to induce the MalE31 circuit using arabinose and also characterization of the CpxR promoter. I also transformed MalE31 circuit in CpxR competent top 10 cells. This will be used as an alternate way of testing and characterization of the CpxR system. I also did further research into the relationship of pH and hydropathy in inclusion body formation. We also had a meeting in order to figure out the course content for iGEM.