Team:Calgary/1 July 2010


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Thursday July 1, 2010

Happy Canada Day!!


Today I transformed composite parts from the registry I03504 and I03507. These parts basically comprise of RBS(B0034)-GFP/RFP(E0040/E1010)-terminator (B0015). Both these parts were plated on ampicillin. I03504 gave mats on the ampicillin plates and I03507 gave clear colonies. These colonies would later be screened to make sure parts are in there using Biobrick PCR primers and gel electrophoresis.


I ran another gel of the cpxP digest, though it turned out a little bit less than what we had hoped it would look. We also ran a gel of a PCR of the cpxP plasmid by itself, using the original gene-specific primers with BioBrick sites, in order to see if we could PCR out a section of the DNA that corresponded to the cpxP site.

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