Team:Calgary/17 August 2010


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Tuesday August 17, 2010


Today I read more papers about modeling and coming up with a concrete model with numbers. There was also a meeting with Thane Kubik regarding our presentation for aGEM which needs to be refined and will be presented to Thane on Wednesday next week.


Today, I did plasmid preparations of a variety of different parts including I0500 (Registry Arabinose-inducible promoter), the CpxP promoter inserted into AK plasmids (Stress-activated promoter) and the ibpAB-fsxA-T7 Promoter (Another stress-activated promoter) which was in AK plasmids. The concentrations are once again, available upon demand. As well, I set up a colony PCR with many different colonies of CpxP, ibpAB and the construct of I0500-I13507. This was done with a different method suggested by Henry. This method involved the purification of the DNA by first boiling the DNA for 10 minutes at 95°C and then spinning down the tubes at 3750 rpm for 10 minutes. Then, 2 µL of the liquid on top was added to the Master Mix. The overall total of the tubes was 11 µL. As a team, we also had a meeting with Thane Kubik where he gave us advice on the aGEM and iGEM presentations. We will have a practice presentation next Wednesday critiqued by him.


Today, I completed the Ethics, Environmental and Economic section of 2010 ethics paper draft. I've read lots of other Ethics papers to understand different perspectives and scenarios.I'm having trouble writing project specific issues surrounding Environmental implication, but i'm reading up on more paper to get more ideas to be able to analyze our project.

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