Team:Calgary/17 August 2010


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Tuesday August 17, 2010


Today I read more papers about modeling and coming up with a concrete model with numbers. There was also a meeting with Thane Kubik regarding our presentation for aGEM which needs to be refined and will be presented to Thane on Wednesday next week.


Today, I did plasmid preparations of a variety of different parts including I0500 (Registry Arabinose-inducible promoter), the CpxP promoter inserted into AK plasmids (Stress-activated promoter) and the ibpAB-fsxA-T7 Promoter (Another stress-activated promoter) which was in AK plasmids. The concentrations are once again, available upon demand. As well, I set up a colony PCR with many different colonies of CpxP, ibpAB and the construct of I0500-I13507. This was done with a different method suggested by Henry. This method involved the purification of the DNA by first boiling the DNA for 10 minutes at 95°C and then spinning down the tubes at 3750 rpm for 10 minutes. Then, 2 µL of the liquid on top was added to the Master Mix. The overall total of the tubes was 11 µL. As a team, we also had a meeting with Thane Kubik where he gave us advice on the aGEM and iGEM presentations. We will have a practice presentation next Wednesday critiqued by him.

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