Team:Calgary/16 August 2010


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Monday August 16, 2010


Today I further edited the "Environment" section of the Ethics Paper. I have also completed a draft of the "Economic" and "Ethical" perspective to understand Synthetic Biology and also our project in particular.


Today I did a restriction digest of I0500-B0034-MalE31 that was placed in the pSB1AC3 vector. The bands appeared as expected and this confirms that the tubes sent down for sequencing were mislabelled. I also worked on the presentation for aGEM which needs lots of content and polishing before aGEM rolls around. Dr. Schryvers suggested that I use Tracy Raivio's system in order to test I0500 and MalE31 because we know that MalE31 misfolds and it should produce bioluminescence due to presence of Lux protein downstream of the CpxP promoter. I will look more into this tonight and work on testing and characterizing MalE31.


This evening I came in and made overnight cultures of cpxP in AK and AC as well as ibpAB in AK and IO500 from the regitsry. Tomorrow morning we will miniprep all of these cultures.

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