Team:Calgary/15 July 2010


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Thurday July 15, 2010


  • Today I did a Colony PCR of the the I0050 + B0034 Construct with the primers that Emily provided me with.

PCR conditions: Stage 1: 94 degrees Celcius Stage 2; Step 1: 94 degrees 1 minute Stage 2; Step 2: 55 degrees 45 seconds Stage 2; Step 3: 72 degrees 1 minute 15 seconds Stage 3: 72 degrees Holding Temperature: 4 degrees Celcius

  • I have also assisted Alex with his Gel electrophoresis of the CpxP colony pcr. We are hoping to see a band around the length of 150 bp.

Jeremy's restriction enzyme on pRFP EcoRI/HindIII and XbaI/HindIII to remove pRFP from its original plasmid


  • Today I reconstructed K239000 with I13507 and I13504, then K135000 with I13507 and I13504 with proper plating. I also did a restriction enzyme digest of pRFP with EcoRI and HindIII and also XbaI and HindIII. And a gel was run of the restriction enzyme products. Also 4 tubes were prepared for I0500+B0034+E0040 to test inducing arabinose.

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