Team:Calgary/14 July 2010


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Wednesday July 14, 2010


Today I Gen-Elute Mini Prepared 8 tubes of I0500+E0034+E0040 from 4 different colonies and 4 tubes of plasmid switched K239000 and K135000. I then constructed K239000 with I13507 and I13504, then K135000 with I13507 and I13504.


Today I Miniprepped maltose binding protein, maltose binding protein- signal tag, mutant maltose binding protein, mutant maltose binding protein- signal tag. I also started working on a cloning strategy for the transcription translation circuit which allows cloning in of biobrick genes. I came up with 2 strategies and I designed primers for only one of the two strategies today.

strategy 1: this involves getting rid of the biobrick sites that are present on the beginning and the end of the circuit. I designed primers such that these biobrick sites will disappear. I also designed primers in order to put in biobrick sites in the middle of circuit so future iGEM teams can use this system in order to clone in their gene of interest. The main method used in this cloning strategy would be SOEing PCR again.

Strategy II: This involves similar process but instead this would introduce cloning sites on the outside of the gene as well. The reason for introducing the arbitrary cloning sites on the outside of the circuit is to allow us to clone in the whole circuit in the Biobrick vector much more easily.

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