Team:Calgary/13 September 2010


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Monday September 13, 2010

Himika's restriction digest of DegP system with EcoRI/ SpeI
Himika's restriction digest of DegP system with EcoRI/ SpeI


Today I did a restriction digest of all the miniprepped colonies for DegP systems with EcoRI and SpeI. It looked like the construction worked but I will do a PCR of the plasmids before sending them off to sequencing. Today I also set up overnight cultures of MalE31-CpxR-RFP system. I also set up a restriction digest of MalE with XbaI/ PstI which will be constructed and transformed tomorrow with I0500-B0034.


Today I made overnight cultures of my malE31 colonies that I think might be biobricked and in the AK Vector. I will miniprep these tomorrow and then proceed with a verification restriction digest. Tonight I also helped Chris and Jeremy clean up some things in the lab.


Today, I helped Emily and Jeremy clean up the fume hood which had been previously contaminated with ethidium bromide. Yeah, that's a bad thing. We also tidied up the lab for the MDSC 408 class that will be sharing the lab with us under the supervision of our laboratory technician Deirdre Lobb.