Team:Calgary/13 July 2010


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Tuesday July 13, 2010


Today I finished my restriction enzyme digest with HindIII and XbaI to cut pRFP out of the plasmid. This was run on a 0.8% gel at 90V.


Today, I helped work on the ethics powerpoint that we will be presenting tomorrow at Suffield. I also attempted to get in contact with more companies today.


Today I finished designing the cloning strategy for the transcription translation circuit. I also finalized on the primers that would be ordered to accomplish the building of this circuit. I also did research on high versus low copy plasmids for modelling, went through some Simbiology tutorials posted online. I also did a tutorial for Neural network where I learned how to make basic neural network connections. I would need to finish that tutorial.


Worked on the PCR product to create a gel to see if amplification worked. I also made contact with one of the university’s media relations experts to help with contacting media outlets.


Today I worked on preparation for our oral presentation at Suffield tomorrow. I spent the morning designing slides and practicing and then I spent some time in the afternoon looking into different papers on synthetic biology ethics in order to come up with a list of topics for our discussion at Suffield. We also did a mock presentation for our supervisors in order to get some feedback.


I continued to look into wiki design code. I also helped out a little with the presentation for Suffield tomorrow.